Rice powder - 2 cups

Jaggery  - 2 ½  cups

 Black-eyed beans – 2 table spoons

Chopped coconut – 2 table spoons

Elachi powder – ¼ tea spoon

Ghee -  2 table spoons

Banana – 1

Preparation time – 10 minutes

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Preparation –

1.Take a bowl

2.Soak Black-eyed beans with water in it for ½ hour.

3.Then cook them in cooker.

4.Now place a wide bowl on the stove.

5.Keep the flame in shimmy and add rice powder in the bowl.

6.Let it fry for 10 minutes

7.Take another bowl

8.Add chopped jaggery and 4 cups of water.

9.Let the jaggery melt completely.

10.After the jaggery melts then filter it finely.

11.Now place this jaggery filtered mixture on stove , then add chopped coconut, cooked Black-eyed beans and rice powder.

12.Add Smash banana, elachi powder and mix them until the mixture becomes tight form. Then off the flame and mix Ghee in it.

13.Now apply ghee or butter to your hands and mould this mixture in the form of vadas in idly cooking plates.

14.Cook it for some time.

Therefore Teepi vada is ready.

About Teepi vada recipe:

Teepi vada is a south Indian Andhra recipe. This is very simple and interesting. These can be prepared mostly for occasions like festivals and functions. This is a easy recipe. Everyone will surely like this item. People who hate eating sweets, they all will surely love to have it. Especially kids will love to have it as these are amazing and awesome in taste. People who taste this will surely try to know the recipeIf you offer these to the guest who visit your home will feel very happy. I hope you also try it and impress your relatives, friends, parents and family members. You also taste it and enjoy. If you have any experience with this dish please share through your comments. You can even suggest you suggestion, ask doubts and tell you opinions also. Thank you. Takecare.


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