Bread slices - 4

Potatoes - 1/4 kg

Tomato - 1

Onion - 1

Chana flour - 4 spoon

Ginger Chili past - 1 spoon

Sugar - 1 Spoon

Garamasala - 1 spoon

Salt - according to taste

Oil - According to need

Preparation :

1. Take bread slices and cut them into round or square shapes.

2. Take a bowl and place it on the stove.

3. Add some water and potatoes in it.

4. Let the potatoes boil for some time.

5. Then peel the skin of the boiled potatoes.

6. Now smash the potatoes.

7. Then add slightly chopped tomatoes , onions, ginger chili paste and Garamasala , sugar and salt.

8. Mix all these items thoroughly.

9. Now mould these this mixture in small round in shapes and attach bread slice pieces on these moulds.

10.Now fry these in oil.

11.We can have these with tomato soas.

12. Pin the bread slice and mould with cloves.

Therefore, Bread top Pokora is ready.

About bread top Pokora:

Bread top Pokora is recipe which is very easy to prepare in less time . there is no need to work hard. It is a simple recipe. you may have a doubt that is how to cut the bread in round shape. We can cut the bread with any small tiffen box cap and crush the bread slice with it and the bread which is outside the cap is waste and the inside is in round shape and cutting bread in square shape is very easy as it always in square shape. To pin the bread slices with moulds we can you cloves are toot pics.When anyone come to our house and you offer them these. as these are different snack they will feel wonder and amazing.As these are amazing in taste. they will surely ask you the recipe and try. I hope you also try it and impress your parents, family members, relatives and friends.If you have opinions, suggestions, doubts and experiences. please share through comments. Thank you.




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