Hi Today i will let you know how to make a tasteful yummy Burfi recipe   Ingredients: 1cup            -   bombay rava 150 grams   -  honey 1/2 cup       -  grated coconut a pinch        -  elachi powder   Directions:  Take a pan and fry grated coconut and keep aside Now fry the bombay raava for two minutes Fry the above ingredients seperately After frying the bombay raava add milk to it little by little  Keep stiring  the  bombay raava  and milk till the mix gets cooked After two to three minutes  when the mix gets cooked add honey and stir After seven to eight minutes when the honey syrup gets thick in the mix add grated coconut and elachi powder . Now take the mix into a plate and cut the mix into pieces of different shapes and keep aside Cut the pieces when the mix is hot and keep aside till it becomes cool Serve the Burfi which is ready to taste     This Burfi is very health and good to health as it contains coconut which is rich in nutrients. Burfi is very simple and easy to make at homes as there is no one who does not like sweets so everyone can have a try at home .and can impress your special ones and dear ones. Burfi can be made in a very less time  and with rich in taste this is not rich in taste but it is also rich in calories For any suggestions or ideas in this you can just leave a comment      

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