Mushrooms - 200g

Chopped Onions - 1 cup

Basmati rice - 1/4 Kg

Pepper Powder - 1 tea spoon

Chopped Green Chili - 1/4 Cup

Salt - according to taste.

Oil - 5 table spoon

Coriander - 1 bunch

China salt - Pinch


1. Take a bowl and add Basmati rice in it.

2. Now add water in it and wash the rice thoroughly.

3. Now cook the rice.

4. Then cut mushrooms.

5. Now take a pressure pan and place it on the stove.

6. Then add oil in it and the green chili pieces.

7. Let them fry for sometime.

8.Then add chopped Onions and pepper.

9. Let them fry for sometime.

10.Then fry mushroom pieces in it.

11.Then add rice which we cooked before and salt.

12. Then add chinese salt and mix them finely.

13. Then Garnish coriander on it

Therefore, mushroom fried rice is ready.

About mushroom fried rice:

Mushroom fried rice a different variety dish and amazing in taste. It is good for health. There is no need to work hard to prepare this dish . Everyone are interested to have this dish. People whoever taste this will surely love it. whenever you invite people for dinner or lunch. you try to include this dish in the menu. After having it they will be pleased and pleasant. they will surely know the recipe from you. Mushrooms contain alot of vitamins. the taste of it will be same as non veg dishes. The people we does not eat non veg can eat this. This is very interesting dish once if we taste it , we start loving it and the mushroom is plant so it is vegetarian. All age group people  can have it. It digests very easily. I hope you also prepare it and impress your parents, relatives and friends. They will surely appreciate you for introducing them such a tasty dish you also rey it and enjoy the taste. If you have any experiences with dish, any suggestions to the dish or any opinions then please share them with us through your comments. thank you. takecare.

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