Chana floor – 2 cups

Myda -1 cup

Rice powder – 2 cups

Salt – taste

Dry coconut powder – 2 spoons


  1. 1.Take a bowl.
  2. 2.Add chana flour, myda, rice powder.
  3. 3.Mix them finely
  4. 4.Then add salt according to the taste and water.
  5. 5.Make this mixture in the form of south Indian dish janthika
  6. 6.Let this mixture soak for sometime
  7. 7.Then take a jantika making instrument and use a ribbon pakodi plate
  8. 8.Now spread a cloth and wet it.
  9. 9.Then with this instrument drop the mixture on the wet cloth.
  10. 10.Let them dry completely on both the sides.
  11. 11.Then remove them from the cloth and store them in an air tight box.
  12. 12.So that whenever you need, you can fry them and eat.

About chanaflour ribbon chips:

Chana flour ribbon chips are very tasty to eat. This is a variety and different snack item of south India that is aThese should be fried in oil whenever we want to eat. This is a very easy recipe. We can prepare it with in short time. We can store them for more days. It is very interesting to prepare. If you offer to the people who come to your house will feel very happy to have them and they will surely try to know the recipe. We can store these for more days. If we offer these when our children come home at evening, it will be good. These are very crispy in taste. There is no need to do much hard work to prepare these. I wish you also prepare these and store. When it is necessary try to fry them and impress your friends, relatives, parents and family members. You also enjoy the tasteThe items we used in this recipe are easyly available in our kitchen only. If you have any doubts, opinions, experience with the dish then please share them through your comments. Thank you. takecare. 

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