Curry leaf – 5 cups

Chia white gram – 2 spoons

Coconut powder – 5 spoons

Dry chili – 15

Salt – taste

Cumin seeds – 2 spoons


  1. 1.Wash the curry leaves thoroughly and let it dry completely.
  2. 2.Now take a bowl.
  3. 3.Add some water in it and then add white gram in it.
  4. 4.Let them soak for 2 hours.
  5. 5.Then remove water and grind it finely.
  6. 6.While grinding adds dry chili, garlic, curry leaves, salt, and cumin’s seeds.
  7. 7.Now mould this mixture in the papad form.
  8. 8.Let them dry completely.
  9. 9.Then store them in air tight box.

About curry leaf papad:

Curry leaf papad is a very recipe made of curry leaves. These are amazing in taste. Very easy  to prepare. There is no need to do hard work to prepare them. The ingredients in this are available in our kitchen itself. These can be store for more days. These are good to have with rice. These are very crispy. When anyone come to dinner or lunch if we offer them these. They will feel amazing and they will surely ask you the recipe and they will sure prepare in their house. Eating curry leaf is good for health especially hair will become black. In most of the dishes we use curry leave. But we never eat it, we keep them aside. So if we eat in the form of papad then it will be easy. These can be taken with the combination with rice. You also try to impress your relatives, family members, friend and parents. You also enjoy the taste. Therefore the dish is very interesting. This is a south Indian dish that is of Andhra Pradesh. If we have any experience with the dish, or doubts or opinions you can share them through your comments. Thank you. Keep trying more dishes

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