Spinach crispy snack


Spinach leaves juice – 2 cups

Green chili – 16

Cumin seeds – 5 spoons

Bombay rava – 1 cup

Rice powder – 1 cup

Water – 16 glasses

Salt – taste

Dry coconut powder – ½ cups


  1. 1.Take a bowl
  2. 2.Add some water and spinach leaves
  3. 3.Now wash those leaves finely
  4. 4.Then grind them in mixy.
  5. 5.Now a big wide thick bowl and pour some water in it.
  6. 6.Then add a spoon of oil , cumin seeds, salt, spinach juice
  7. 7.Let them boil completely until the mixture comes up two times
  8. 8.Take another bowl
  9. 9.Add rice powder and 2 cups water in it
  10. 10.Mix them thoroughly
  11. 11.Then keep on stirring
  12. 12.Take another bowl
  13. 13.Add rava, mida and 2 cups of water
  14. 14.Mix them finely
  15. 15.Stir them finely, so that mixture mix completely
  16. 16.Now add these two mixture in to the mixture which is boiling on the stove
  17. 17.Then keep on stirring so that no material be uncooked and mixed
  18. 18.After few minutes off the flame
  19. 19.Take a plastic cover or wet cloth
  20. 20.Pour this mixture in coin shaped form
  21. 21.Now dry these in hot sun
  22. 22.Let them dry on both the sides
  23. 23.When they become crispy then take them in to box which is air tight and store.
  24. 24.We can store these for a year.

About spinach crispy snack

Spinach snack is a different variety snack. Very tasty to eat. These are crispy and can be take with the combination of rice. Every one will surely love to have them. Very easy to prepare and there is no need to do hard work to prepare them. Mostly children love to have them. I hope you also try them and impress your parents , relatives, friends and family members. You also enjoy the taste. If you have any experience with the dish , opinion, doubts or suggestions then please share them through the comments . thank you , take care.

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