Ice creams are favourite for every one on this planet. They come in various and delicious flavours.

Lets learn how they are prepared.

Every one of us know that milk is the main product which is used in manufacturing of ice creams. Where does
milk come from? Cows eat grass, which is vegeterian.Grass are then turned into milk by cows. Special creamy milk
is required to make delicious milk. For this, they are given special breed. Salage is given to cows. Salage is summer grass
 which are kept sealed in plastics.

feed for cows

As the time passes, they are converted into nourishing and smelly feed for the winter. Once this nourishing food
is given to cows, cows are then brought near to the machines where milk is removed. Farmers first check their tits
by examining and check whether they are functioning properly. Then suction pumps are used to remove milk from cows.

milk jars

Big glass jars are connected to suction pumps where milk is filled.These jars are transparent which allows farmers
to keep track which cow is producing how much milk. When cow gives milk, its temperature is warm. Milk from all jars
are then stored into a big tank where milk is made to get cool. In this tank, milk is stirred continuously by a machine

Milk are then sent to ice cream making factories where large machines are placed and milk is then passed into these
machines. Milk is mixed with Sugar, Dextrose , skimmed milk powder and double cream. This mixture is then heated at
the temperature of 80 degrees centigrade so that germs , if any, gets killed. This process is called as posterisation.
Fat from the mixture is broken down into homogeniser. Then the mixture is cooled to 2 degrees celsius. Once the mixture
is cooled, the liquid ice cream comes out of the machine. Liquid ice cream is put into large tank in which it takes
half an hour to fill. Once tank gets full, liquid ice cream is then stirred continuosly which in turn increases the quantity
automatically, when temperature starts settling. During this process, flavours are added.

warm milk

Liquid ice cream, which becomes semi liquid in form, are then passed into small plastic containers. Then these
small containers are then taken to freezer where ice creams are hardened up. The temperature of this freezer is
 30 degrees below 0 degrees.

liquid ice cream

This way delicious, yummy and creamy ice creams are made and available at ice cream parlours.

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