This is for christmas festival which is made up of dry fruits .It can be added on cakes,ice creams and other deserts.This is very simple to make which is sugarless so it stays for a long time.

This can be taken by diabeties also because of no sugar in it.This jam can be used in the breads early in the morning to have like a tiffin.

This can have with fruits which will give more strength.

As this is good for health because it contains many vitamins which play a vital role in nutrients and are having less calories which provides energy.

These are the Ingredients to make this jam.

1.11/2 cup dried purnes.

2.11/2 cup dried dates.

3.4 cups of apples.

4.11/2 cuup of walnut pieces.

5.11/2 cup silvered almonds.

6.1/2 teaspoon anise seeds.

7.Pinch of cardamom and cinnamon powder.

8.2 cups of honey.

9.1/4 cup candied  lemon and orange peel

10.2 tablespoons of lemon juice and orange juice.

11.11/2 dried apricots.


1.Take a bowl and add some water keep apples in to it and boil for some time to make apple soft.

2.Mash them with a masher and pour onto a cheese cloth.After mashing it dip it in to the vessel.

3.In a seperate bowl mix all the dried fruits and add apple to the mixture and stir well and allow it over night.

4.Take a bowl and add the following.

Add 2 cups honey to 1 cup water and wait until the utensil boils.For this add fruit mixture,candied lemon and orange juice,nuts along with spices.

5.Heat the mixture and observe for some time.

6.Once the mixture starts becoming thick,Turn off the stove and allow to cool it for some time.

7.Place it in a opened air to cool it.After cooling place it in a tight jar and taste it.

This is the tasty jam for christmas festival.This is also good for health of having many calorie food in it which is better than oilly food. 

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