Today am going to introduce a different kind of sweet made of bread and its name is Bread Jam.But most of the people think that  bread Jam means Bread and the jam which available in market. The bread Jam about which am talking  is very tasty and yummy to eat and it is a sweet . Once you taste it, you cannot stop yourself eating it. This can be prepared within an hour. There is no need to work much to prepare this sweet. Now let us look at the recipe.

Bread Jam:


Bread slices



Elachi powder




1.Take wide bowl and place it on the stove.

2.Then add dalda in it and wait until it completely melts & boil.

3.Now fry the bread slices deeply until they turn into brown in color completely but while frying keep the stove in sim only (Low flame).

4.In the mean while place bowl on the stove and add milk in it then let it boil until the milk become thicker.

5.Then take another bowl, pour the thick milk and then mix sugar in it.

6.Let the sugar melt completely in milk.

7.Now take a bowl and place all the fried bread slices in it.

8.Then pour this milkand sugar mixture into the bowl in which the fried bread slices are placed.

9.Then add elachi powder

10.Now fry kaju and kismiss in the dalda

11.Then add these fried kaju and kismiss in the bread slices mixture.

12. Mixthem finely so that breads get crushed slightly.

13.Then place it in the refrigerator for an hour so that the bread absorbs the milk completely.

14.After one hour we can serve it.

About the recipe:

Bread Jam is very interesting and easy recipe. We can store for 5 days. But it is good to store in refrigerator. As milk and bread included in this recipe, it is a very good healthy food to us. We always prepare usual sweets. But this is a different kind of sweet. This is creative dish. All age people can have it. Even sugar patients also can have it. There is no problem. It is better; prefer to have it in evening times. Try to prepare it and impress your parents, friends and relatives. You also try it and enjoy the taste. The ingredients used in this recipe are available in our kitchen and the ingredients in this dish should be used according to the need. There is no particular measurement for the ingredients to use in the dish. I hope you enjoy the taste. If you have any experiences, suggestions and doubts regarding the dish, please let me know through your comments. Thank you. Keep smiling. Takecare.

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