Gobhi malai


Gobi malai


Cauliflower -1 cup

Milk - 1cup

Sugar - 1cup

Custard powder - 1spoon

Ghee - 1 spoon

Kaju - 10

Cardamom ( Elachi powder)  - little


 1. Take a bowl.

2. Add hot water in it.

3. Then add cauliflower in it and some salt.

4. Now wash them thoroughly.

5. Then chopped them slightly.

6. Now boil these chopped cauliflowers in water.

7. Take another bowl.

8. Place it on the stove,

9. Add milk in it and let them boil.

10. After milk get boil, reduce the flame.

11. Now take a small bowl.

12. Add a spoon of cool milk and then add custard powder in it.

13. Mix them thoroughly.

14. Now add this mixture in the milk which is boiling on small flame.

15. After sometime add sugar in it.

16. Take another bowl.

17. Place it on the stove

18. Add ghee in it.

19. Let the ghee melts completely.

20. Now add kaju and fry them.

21. Now add the cooked cauliflower pieces in the milk which we boiled just now.

22. When the mixture becomes thick , then add cardamom( elachi powder) and kaju.

23. Now stop the flame.

24. Take this into serving bowl and store it in the refrigerator for some time.

25. Therefore Gobi malai is ready.

About Recipe Gobi Malai:

The Gobi malai, the name itself tells us that it is made of Gobi which nothing but cauliflower. Actually every one prepares curries and snacks with cauliflower like cauliflower pakoda, cauliflower chat etc and curries like cauliflower fry, cauliflower gravy, and cauliflower 65. But no one prepare sweet with cauliflower. Here is a different recipe for you, which is a sweet made of cauliflower. The process of this Gobi malai preparation is similar to kheer. This is awesome in taste. It is very easy to make. There is no need to work much to prepare this. Everyone will surely love to have this. If you are interested, you can add food color also. We can have this at evening times specially. It will be amazing if we have it as a snack. Hope you all prepare this and impress your family members, friends and relatives. They will surely love it, price you and then they will try to know the recipe of it from you. Enjoy the taste. Let me know your doubts, experiences and opinions about this recipe through your comments. Thank you. Take care and keep cooking. All the best,

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