Fenu Greek seeds - 1cup

Milk - 2cups

Wheat flour - 1/4kg

Ghee - 1cup

Chopped Jaggery or sugar - 4 cups

Dry fruits - 1 cup


1. Take fenu greek seeds

 2. Grind them into fine powder.

3. Take a bowl.

 4. Add milk in it.

5. Then add fenu greek seeds powder in it and let it soak whole night.

6. Now take a wide bowl.

7. Add some ghee in it.

8. Now take the fenu Greek seeds powder which is soaked in milk.

9. Add this soaked fenu Greek seeds powder in the bowl where we have heated ghee.

10. Now fry this fenu Greek seeds powder until it turns into red color.

11. Now take another bowl.

12.  Place it on the stove.

13. Now add wheat flour in it.

14. Then fry it.

15. Now add this fried wheat flour in fenu Greek seeds powder then add jaggery or sugar.

16. Finally add ghee and dry fruits.

17. Mix this mixture finely.

18. Mold this mixture in laddu form.

19. Therefore fenu Greek seeds laddu are ready.

About fenu Greek seeds laddu:

This recipe is very easy. No need do hard work to prepare these. Just frying two flours and mixing all the ingredients and molding the mixture in laddu form. Everyone surely loves to have these. Children love to eat these. These can be store for more days. If we have these at evening times or we offer these, when any relatives or special people come to our home. It will be very nice. They will feel happy and pleasant. They will surely love this sweet and ask your recipe too. I hope you also prepare and try this. Impress your parents, remaining family members, relatives and friends then enjoy the taste. If you have any doubt, let me know. We can prepare this sweet with jaggery or sugar that is according to our wish. Actually people use fenu Greek seeds to prepare hot items. By This recipe it is proved that we can prepare sweet also with fenu greek seeds. Enjoy the taste and let me know your opinion through comments thank you.

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