Rava undalu

Rava undalu


Rava (sooji) – 1cup

Finely chopped coconut – 4 tea spoons

Ginger – small pieces

Green chili – 2

Curry leaves – 8 stems

Mustard seeds – 1 spoon

Chana gram – 2 tea spoons

White gram – 2 tea spoons

Oil – according to need


1.Take a bowl and add rava in it.

2.Now place this bowl on the stove.

3.Fry this rava for some time.

4.Then remove rava from the bowl and keep aside.

5.Now add a tea spoon of oil in the bowl which is on the stove.

6.Then add ginger, green chili, curry leaf, mustard seeds, white gram and chana gram.

7.Let them fry for some time.

8.Then add 2 cups of water in it.

9.Let them boil for some time.

10.Then mix salt in it

11.Now add rava in it and reduce the flame.

12.Let it boil for some time.

13.Stir it in the middle while it is boiling and So that it won’t stick to the bowl.

14.Then close the lid.

15.Now off the flame.

16.Take the mixture with bowl from the stove.

17.Now let then mixture get cool.

18.Now make this mixture in small ball shape.

19.Now cook these balls on steam for few minutes.

20.Then take them into serving plate.

21.Therefore rava undalu are ready.

22.If we have these with the combination of any chutney then the taste will be amazing and we will have a heavenly feeling.

About the rava undalu:

This is a recipe which is very easy to prepare and no need to work much. It takes very less time to prepare. The Ingredients used in this snack preparation are good for health and gives a good taste too. It is an Andhra snack item. We can store it for more than a weak. They are amazing in taste. Everyone surely loves to have it. Offering these to any guest who visit your house will feel much happy and they will surely know the recipe from and prize you.  I wish you also prepare it and impress your parents, friends, relatives and siblings. If possible try distributes to the people who very supportive and good with you. They will feel happy. You also have it and enjoy the taste. If you have any kind of doubts or experiences with this snack item preparation please let me know through your comments. Thank you. Take care.

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