Chana flour - 1/4Kg

Sugar - 1/4Kg

Watermelon seeds - 1 tea spoon

Rose flower petals - 1 tea spoon

Lemon Juice - 2 tea spoon

Oil - according to need for frying


1. Take a bowl and add chana flour in it.

2. Then add water in such a way that the mixture become slippery.

3.Now make this mixture into 2 parts.

4. Then add red color for one part and the green color for another part of the mixture.

5. Place another bowl on the stove and add oil in it

6. Let the oil get boiled.

7.Now drop these mixture into the oil to prepare boondi.

8. Therefore, Boondi looks colorful.

9.Take another bowl.

10. Add sugar and 5 cups of water in it.

11. Let it boil for 15 minutes and sugar should melt completely.

12. Therefore, it forms a sugar syrup.

13.Then off the flame.

14. Let the syrup gets cool.

15. Now add color boondi, which we have prepared just now.

16. Then add lemon juice in it.

17. Mix it finely in the mixture.

18. Now garnish the dish with water melon seeds and rose petals.

19. Therefore, sweet colorful boondi is ready.

About recipe:

Sweet colorful boondi is a very simple recipe. We can even call it as Dil Jani. we can prepare it with in no time. We can prepare it instantly and no need work hard. Most of the people in Andhra prepare hot boondi. This dish is different as it is sweet boondi. Every one will like to have it. Mostly people who does not like eating sweets also like to have it. We can keep this as prasad to god and we can easily distribute to the people. This is the easiest sweet to prepare urgently when required. We can even offer to the people who come to our home and they will surely feel happy then ask you how you did it. and they will also try. I hope you also prepare it and impress your parents , friends, relatives. If you have any experience with the dish please let us know from your comments. thank you .takecare

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