bottle gourd

Bottle Gourd curry


Sesame seeds - 1 cup

Bottle Gourd 1/2 piece

Green chili - 6

Tamarind - little

Jaggery - 50g

Salt - according to the taste

Oil - accroding to the necessity for frying


1. Take a bottle gourd and remove its skin.

2. Then wash it thoroughly with water.

3. Now chop it into thin pieces.

4. Now place a bowl on the stove and add oil in it.

5. Then add bottle gourd pieces in it and fry them.

6. Now remove the fried pieces of bottle gourd and fry sesame seeds.

7. After they fry remove them from the pan and keep them aside.

8 . Then add green chili and fry them and remove after they get fried and keep aside.

9. Now take another bowl, add water and tamarind in it.

10.Let it soak for some time.

11. Then knead it and take the juice of it.

12.Now take mixy jar, add sesame seeds, green chili, Chopped Jaggery, salt and Tamarind juice.

13.Then grind them into fine paste.

14. Now take this paste into a serving bowl.

15.Then mix the bottle gourd pieces in it.

16. Therefore, bottle gourd curry is ready.

About bottle gourd curry:

Bottle gourd curry is very tasty and amazing. It will be sweet in taste as we included jaggery, sour in taste as we included tamarind and hot in taste as we included green chili. So it is very yummy. It is very easy to prepare. No need to do any hard work, We just fry all the ingredients and and grind all the ingredients except bottle gourd pieces. This can be prepare with in less time. Bottle gourd curry is very interesting. We can have this curry with rice and even roti. If wish you prepare and impress your parents, relatives,siblings and friends. They will surely praise you and your relatives will surely try to know the recipe from you. You also try and enjoy the taste. If you have any experience with this dish, please let know through your comments.

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