The naivedya to Lord sun most offered on Ratha Saptami festival day which is a day when Lord sun was born. On this day, in the name of Lord sun we boil the milk and we prepare sweet Milk rice by using jaggery. It is said that while preparing this sweet, the sun rays should fall on it. Then only we can get blessings and the sweet will get power. Milk and jaggery are good for human health. We prepare this sweet milk rice and serve God by placing on Lima leaves. The milk present in the sweet milk rice will absorb the vitamins from lima leaves and provide those vitamins to us.As the Surya Ratham will be started travelling towards north then there will be alot of changes in the atmosphere and climate. It will increase the temperature of the body. Sweet milk rice will cool our body.

Sweet Milk Rice:



Cow milk - 1/2 litres.

rice - 1 cup

Jaggery - 1 1/2cup

Ghee - 5 spoons


1. Take a wide bowl and place it on the stove.

2. Then add cow milk in it and let them boil for some time.

3. When the milk completely boil and milk comes up to the peak of the bowl.

4. In the mean while, wash rice thoroughly in water.

5. Now add this washed rice in the milk which boiled just now.

6. Let the rice get cook in the milk but don't add water in it.

7. When the rice completely gets cooked then add finely chopped jaggery in it.

8. While the mixture is cooking, add ghee in the middle so that mixturee won't stick to the bowl.

9. When the mixture  becomes thicker then off the flame.

10. Therefore, sweet milk rice with Jaggery is ready.

About sweet milk rice with Jaggery:

Sweet milk rice with Jaggery is a very good recipe. This is a south Indian recipe. The south Indian people prepare this especially in Andhra Pradesh. In telugu it is know as paramannam and even we can call it as ksheerannam. Every south Indian love this sweet. We can also prepare this sweet by adding sugar also. For most of the festivals the south Indian people prepare this dish and offer to god. But sweet milk rice with Jaggery is specially prepared on the birthday of Lord sun. This dish is very sweet and amazing in taste. I wish you also prepare this and taste it. All will surely love to have this, If you have any experience with this dish, let us know through your comments.

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