Chicken Oil Salad

chicken salad


Sundried tomato - 1 1/2cup


Oregano salad dressing - little

Boneless chicken pieces - 4

Olive Oil - little

Chop Red capcicum - 2

Washed lettuce leaves - 2 big leaves

Black Olives - 1 cup

feta cheese pieces - few

Onion Pieces - 1/2 cup

Garlic petals - 2 spoons

pepper powder - 1 spoon


cortijo sashayz - 1/4 cup


1. Take a bowl and add oil in it.

2. Now place it on the stove.

3. Let the oil boil for some time.

4. Then add onion pieces, Garlic petals in it and let them fry for some time.

5. After 10 minutes add red capcicum in it and let it fry.

6. Mix them finely.

7. Now add Sundried tomato pieces, cortijo sashayz, Pepper powder and mix them thoroughly.

8. Then off the flame.

9. After 5 to 6 minutes add boneless chicken pieces, Oregano salad dressing and mix them finely.

10.Let them get cook for 20 minutes.

11. When the chicken pieces completely get cooked then off the flame.

12. Let the mixture get cool.

13. Now place it in the refrigerator.

14. Before serving, garnish with Olive and cheese.

15. This should be served with lettuce leaves.

16. This can be eaten with bread.

About the chicken oil salad:

Chicken oil salad is amazing in taste. To prepare this, we need to use more ingredients. But very interesting to prepare. It even takes some time to prepare. It is good for health. We can have this salad with bread. If we take it as a breakfast, it gives more energy and we can work well and can be active. Any age group can have this. All the ingredients used in this salad are easily available in the market. As cheese is used in this salad , there may be fat, so this is a high caloried food. Not only as breakfast, we can have as a evening snack too. I wish you prepare this to your family members and impress them. You also try it and enjoy the taste. If you have any experience with this salad please let us know through your comments.


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