Fruit ball is a very liking sweet for all kind of people. It contains less calories and lots of fiber and nutrients. You can change the ingredients according to different occasions and for different people. Now the recipe:- Ingredients: For outer layer- Bread: 1 packet Milk: 100 ml. For filling- Grapes: 10-15 Banana: 1/2 Apple: 1/2 Pomegranate: 1/2 Pineapple: 2 slices You can add any other according to your choice. For garnishing- Condensed milk (milkmaid): 1 tin Chocolate sauce: half cup Dry fruits: chopped Saffron: 2 flakes How to make it: 1. First of all cut all fruits in very small pieces even grapes also. 2. Keep milk in a flat plate, take a slice of bread and dip in milk and immediately squeeze it without folding the bread. 3. Dip saffron in 2 tea spoon of milk, and mash it well with spoon. 4. Mix all chopped fruits and fill a spoon of it in the bread. 5. Fold the bread carefully and make it ball shaped. 6. Make all balls and keep it in a dish tray. 7. You can put them as pyramid or else. 8. Pour condensed milk in it. 9. Put 2-3 drops of saffron on each ball. 10. Decorate with chocolate sauce and dry fruits. 11. If chopped fruits are left then they also can be used in garnishing. 12. Keep it on fridge for half an hour. 13. Note: Don't dip bread in milk for long otherwise ball can't be form. For different occasions- 1. You can add cardamom as flavor. 2. For children chocolate can be filled. 3. Brown breads can be used. 4. You can add essence. Fruit balls cake- By arranging balls in different shapes like circle, square or pyramid shape you can use it as a cake. Thank you for reading my recipe.

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