cabbage dim sum


Cabbage Dim sum


Chinese cabbage – ¼ Kg

Onions – 25g

Ginger – 20g

Garlic Petals – 20g

Salt – according to taste

Sesame oil– 50ml

White pepper powder – according to taste

Maida – 1/4kg

Yeast – 5g

Sugar – 20g


1.Take Chinese cabbage and finely chop it.

2.Now finely chop ginger, garlic and onions.

3.Then cut onion stems in diamond shape.

4.Now take a bowl, add half cup of Maida and finely mixed yeast with sugar.

5.Mix them finely and then let this mixture soak for some time.

6.Then place a pan on the stove and add 3 spoons of oil in it.

7.Let the oil get heated.

8.Now add garlic, ginger and onion pieces in it.

9.Let them fry for some time.

10.Then add chopped cabbage in it.

11.Let them fry for 5 minutes then off the flame.

12.Now make Maida mixture which we have soaked before into chapatti form.

13.Then take the cabbage mixture which we prepare just now and place that mixture at the middle of the chapatti.

14.Now fold the chapatti into half and close all sides of the chapatti by using water and pressing all sides

15.Now these should be cooked on steam.

16.So to cook them on steam it’s good to use pressure cooker or Oven.

17.For preparing sauce, grind remaining pieces of garlic, ginger, sesame oil, onion stems, white pepper powder, salt and sugar by using mixy.

18.Therefore, sauce has been prepared.

19.Now check the pressure cooker or Oven and see whether they are cooked.

20.Then take them onto serving plate and take sauce into a bowl.

21.Therefore, cabbage dim sum is ready.

About cabbage dim sum recipe:                

Cabbage dim sum is a Chinese recipe. It is a stylish steamed cabbage dumpling. As it is cooked on steam so it is very good for health. Oil is used very less in the stuff. It will be very tasty, if we have it with the combinations of the soas prepared for it. The taste will be more amazing. Everyone will surely love to have it. Kids will love much. These cannot be stored more than a day. Preparing cabbage dim sum is very easy. There is no necessary to work hard for preparing this and it is very interesting too, to prepare this snack item. If we have these as evening snack by sitting in a balcony or garden it will be awesome.  I wish you also prepare and impress your friends, relatives, parents and siblings. You also have it and enjoy the taste. If you have any experience with this cabbage dim sum recipe please let us know through your comments.


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