Ingredients of Capsicum and sesame seeds curry:

Capsicum -3

Tomato -1

Oil - 8 spoons

Tamarind puree - 2 spoons

Salt - According to taste

Chili powder - According to taste

Coriander seeds powder - 3 Spoons

sesame seeds - 1/4 cups

coconut powder - 2 spoons

Zeera / cumin seeds - 1 spoon

Inguva / Asafoetida - 1 Pinch

Turmeric powder - 1 pinch

Coriander - for garnishing

Preparation of Capsicum sesame seeds curry:

1. Chop capsicum finely into pieces.

2. Fry sesame seeds finely and then make them into powder.

3. Now plac a bowl on the stove.

4. Then add oil in it and let it heat.

5. Now add cumin seeds asafoetida, capsicum pieces in it and let them fry for sometime.

6. Then add tomato chop, tamarind puree, salt, turmeric powder, coriander seeds powdeer, sesame seeds, coconut powder and some water.

7. Mix them finely

8. Then reduce the flame and close it with a lid.

9. Let the capsicum pieces cook completely in gravy and become soft.

10. Then add chili powder.

11. Now garnish with coriander.

12. Then off the flame.

About Capsicum and sesame seeds curry:

Capsicum and sesame seeds curry recipe is a very simple and interesting recipe. Sesame seeds are good for health. Capsicum gives a good taste to the curry. There is no need to work hard to prepare this curry. All the ingredients used in this curry are very good for our health. You can have this curry as a combination for rice and roti. Due to its taste, I love to have it directly. when you have it, that taste of it will be marvelous you may feel you are in heaven. Try to prepare this when you have organised any get together in any occasion. Then the get together and the occasion will be more enjoyable with this. People who hate eating sesame seeds and capsicum, if they once taste this, they cannot stop having it. If you have any suggestions and experience with the dish please let us know through your comments.

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