Ingredients for Sugarless honey cake:

¼ liter – honey

½ cup – butter

3 eggs

1 tea spoon finely chopped – Orange peel

1/4 litre – Orange juice

¼ kg – Maida

3 tea spoons – baking powder

½ spoon – salt

1 tea spoon – cinnamon powder

½ cup – badam powder

Honey – 1 more cup

Preparation of sugar less honey cake:

1.Set your ovenat 180 degrees.

2.Let the oven heat for sometime.

3.Now take cake tin of height 10 inches.

4.Then apply butter and sprinkle maida in it.

5.Now take maida in a bowl and add baking powder and baking soda, salt cinnamon powder.

6.Mix them finely.

7.Take egg yolk in another bowl and beat finely.

8.Then add honey, butter, orange juice in it.

9.Mix them finely.

10.Then add badam powder in it

11.Mix them finely.

12.Now add this mixture in maida mixture and mix finely.

13.Now place this mixture in the oven tin where we have applied butter and sprinkled maida.

14.Then place this tin in oven and bake it for 30 minutes

15.After 30 minutes take the cake out and let it get cool

16.Then cut into pieces.

17.Now take those pieces into serving bowl.

18.Then pour honey on these cake pieces.

19.Therefore, Sugarless honey cake is ready

About sugarless honey cake:

Sugarless honey cake is a really very good for health. This can be taken by even sugar patients I mean diabetes patients. This is very easy to prepare this cake. We can get the same tast of the sugar used honey cake. There is no need to work hard to prepare this. The recipe is very simple. I wish you also prepare it and impress your friends, relatives and family members. You too have it and enjoy the taste. If you have any experience with this sugarless honey cake please share with us through your comments.


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