Sugar less Modu puli:


Ingredients of  sugarmodu puli

Maida – ¼ kg

Oil – according to need

Milk – ½ litre

Coconut chop – 1 cup

Honey – 2 table spoon

Preparation of sugarless modu puli:

1.Take maida in a bowl

2.Then add 4 table spoon oil in it.

3.Then mix them finely

4.Later add water in it and the mixture as we prepare for chapatti

5.Now make the mixture as small balls

6.Then take coconut chop and milk in a wide bowl.

7.Boil them until milk completely evaporates

8.Then off the flame

9.Then add butter in it and mix finely

10.Now make those small balls as chapattis and pour this coconut mixture at the middle

11.Then fold the chapatti and close all the ends

12.Now take wide bowl and place it on the stove

13.Then add oil in it

14.Now add these folded chapattis in oil

15.Fry them finely

16.While frying the flame must be less

17.Therefore, Sugarless Modu puli are ready.

About sugarless Modu puli:

Sugarless Modu puli is a verity sweet of south Indian. If we keep they and then you will feel amazing taste. The outside of the modu puli is so crispy and inside there is a coconut mixture which melts when we keep in our mouth. This is very easy to prepare. No need to work much to prepare this and very interesting recipe. When any guest visit your house then offer them these modu puli. They will feel so happy and amazing. They will surely try to know the recipe so that they can prepare and distribute to their people. Even diabetes patients can also have this as sugar is not used in it.  I wish you also taste them and enjoy the taste. If you have any experience with this dish please share us through your comments.

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