Summer is the best season for mangoes. Mangoes are available in abundant quantity in summer season. Mango is a fantastic fruit which can be used on different forms. There are many interesting recipes of these mangoes. i have heard so many recipes at home. I would like to share it here so that you people can also enjoy the interesting recipes at home.


I would like to start off with dry mango recipes. Because usually the season starts off with the sales of dry mangoes. Mangoes are available in many different varieties and each one has an exotic flavor. Some simple recipes with dry mangoes are as follows:


This is a very simple recipe that can be done at home. Ingredients needed are : dry mangoes, chilli powder, table salt, gingelly oil. Method is as follows:

  • cut the mango into small pieces and put it in a bowl.
  • Add required amount of chilli powder and salt.
  • Be careful in the amount of chilli powder and salt, because too much of it will spoil the taste.
  • then heat some oil in a pan and add the oil in the mixture.
  • stir the mixture well and keep it for few days.
  • then you can use the tasty pickles for as many days needed.


This is a pure south Indian dish. It is an excellent sweet which will be an important dish in every festival. Ingredients needed are : dry mangoes, jaggery, oil, green chillies. Method of preparation is as follows:

  • peel of the skin from the mango. Cut the dry mango into slices.
  • add some oil in the pan.
  • put the sliced mangoes and fry it.
  • add some water and leave it to boil.
  • when it is boiled enough, add the jaggery.
  • when it turns to a thick paste then add some green chillies.

The taste of mango with jaggery will be excellent and will give you an excellent sweet. It will have the sweetness of jaggery, spice of green chillies also the sour taste of mango.


This is the most simplest dish that can be prepared with dry mangoes. Ingredients necessary are : dry mango, water and salt. Method is very simple. Just cut the mango into small pieces with skin and add some salt and water to it. Leave it to soak for days and this will an excellent side dish for all foods like curd rice. This will be very easy to prepare.


All of you would have heard of curd rice, tomato rice and lemon rice. But mango rice is a different variety rice that is very famous in south India. It has an excellent flavor in it. Ingredients needed are : dry mangoes , cooked rice, salt, mustard seeds, oil. Method is as follows:

  • Grate the dry mangoes after peeling off the skin.
  • In a pan add some oil and add some mustard seeds. After it has been cracked, add the mangoes and fry it.
  • when it is turning brown and the volume has reduced, add some salt to it.
  • then add cooked rice and mix it well. tasty mango rice is ready to serve.

Mangoes are excellent fruits with good flavor. Every one will like to eat mangoes as it is. But when there are interesting dishes that can be made then we can prepare these dishes easily at home. But remember mangoes will increase the heat in our body. So be cautious about the amount. Also try to have some curd after you have had these foods. It will help cool down your body. Enjoy the summer with these excellent recipes

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