Summer and warm winds are corset and foothill. Warm winds does badly off to everyone. Conditions get worse if we do not have a cold drink with us. When we feel thirsty the first thing which comes to our mind is carbonated cold drink like pepsy and coko cola. Cold drink is available everywhere. We can satisfy our quench with cold drink but chemicals and sugar which is used in these drinks may cause of some disease. Doctors always suggest drinking any domestic drinks like lime water, butter milk, coconut water and fresh juice. 


Sattu is powder of roasted whole grains like wheat, barley and gram. It has bountiful carbohydrates. Sattu’s carbohydrates give us instant energy.  It has more calories than buttermilk. It is complete diet. Sattu save us from hot winds.  

How to use it 

You have to Sock two tea spoon sattu in clay pot for whole night for one serving. In morning dilute it in cold water and add sugar in it. Your calorie drink is ready to use. 


It is popular drink in north India especially in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is known for its hot weather and hot winds. People here have to work in open places with hot winds. Rabrdi is used in Rajasthan to protect from hot winds and dehydration. 

How to prepare 

Took one liter butter milk and 200gm millet or barley flour. Add milled or barley flour in butter milk and cook it on medium flame. Leave it for whole night in open place. In the next morning adds some sugar (optional), curd or butter milk and drink it. 

Butter milk 

It is hundred time better than any soft drink because its taste flavor and properties. Calcium is found in abundant in butter milk. Persons who do not like drink, milk butter milk is very useful for them. One cup of milk has 300mg calcium and one cup of butter milk have 285 mg calcium. Both have equal protein. Butter milk is pro-biotic food. So its bacteria keep active to our intestinal. 

You can drink butter milk without adding anything or to improve taste and benefits you can add white salt, roasted cumin powder and dry mint leafs. 


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