Every one knows that kerrai(spinach) is good for health and should be consumed regularly for a balanced diet. Kerrai can also be taken in soup form and its very delicious

Ingredients required:

1. Kerrai 6 cups (it must be washed and cutted into small pieces)

2. Water 7 cups

3. Chopped onion (half cup) and garlic

4. Water 6cups

5. Cream 1/2 cup

6. oil 1tbs

7.salt,pepper and butter


1. Put the oil in pan along with onion and garlic and boil it.

2. After 5 minutes add 3 cups of water and boil.

3. Add kerrai and boil for another 5 minutes.

4. Stop boiling and cool it.

5. Add the salt,cream and remaining water and stir.

6. Boil it and stir continously.

7. Add pepper for taste and stop boiling.

8. Put butter on top of each serving.

Hope u enjoy the soup

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