Hi friends let us see how to prepare Chinese style onion cake.


8 Flour tortillas
1/2 Finely chopped green onions
2tbsp Sesame oil
Oil for deep frying
1 Egg (beaten)


step1 First brush 4 tortillas with sesame oil and then with little amount of Egg.
step2 Sprinkle about 2tbsps of green onions over each tortilla.
step3 Top each with remaining tortillas. Press firmly around edges and cover with plastic wrap.  
step4 Now heat oil for deep-frying in a deep pan to 400F.
step5 Using tongs, slip tortilla cakes, one at a time, into Hot oil.Cook, turning with tongs, to
brown both sides.
step6 Drain each Cake, holding it vertically over pan.
step7 Drain again on paper towels. While Hot, cut each Cake into 4 to 8 wedges.
step8 Sprinkle lightly with salt. Serve Hot.

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