You have made parathas and you are carving to have it with shrikand but you donot know how to make it?

You have so much of curd that you donot want to waste away?

Prepare shrikand!

What you need:

Curd,powered sugar,elaichi,muslin cloth


Drain the curd in muslin cloth and allow to dry.This dried curd is known as 'chakka'.It is generally set dry in 8 hours,but you can squeeze it till you know it is dry.Add powered sugar and little bit of elaichi to it.Mix it well and you will notice a good texture and smell.Shrikand is ready.Store in refrigerator.


Instead of elaichi,you can add nutmeg/cinnamon/mango/strawberry/saffron,etc to make it your own specialised shrikand,but make sure that the incredients are powdered or smashed well.

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