For acquiring red beautiful lips:

Normally every one want their lips to look red and beautiful.for some one is a god gift.But some time due to pollution,environment change,by using some medicines the color of lips may change to black.

every will suffer from dry lips problem.lips will break blood will come from lips.Its a continuous problem for some people.For all these the main thing is lack of sufficient water in body.

Every one want their lips to look red,smooth.Red lips will increase the beauty. for boys due to smoking habit their lips will change to black color.For all these problems some natural tips are

1)using Beetroot paste:

Beet root paste is a good.we will results quickly by applying beetroot paste.

It will increase the lip color.apply a little amount of paste and massage it lite .leave it for 30mins and wash it with water.

otherwise  before going to sleep apply it and leave it total night, and wash it in the morning.Do it from 15days you will find the change in lip color.

2 )mix the juice of lemon,honey and glycerin and apply to lips it decreases blackness of lips.
lemon juice removes the dirt on your lips  .
honey is a good antioxident it help to makes lips soft.

3)Another simple way is before going to bed wash your lips with rose water,then apply butter on lips.within a week the will become pink,soft.
A natural product that is used from olden days is butter.rose water will help to increase your lips color to pink.

4)Apply tomato juice to your lips and leave it for 30mins.and Wash it and apply a little red color and look so beautiful.
If you mix oil in tomoto juice and apply lips will become more soft.

5)Drink 3to4 liters of water every day.
Apply butter every day before going to sleep you will never face any problems. No breaks,no color problem,you will get healthy,rose and soft lips.every one feel like kissing you will get romantic lips.

6)Apply honey when ever you get lips become soft and sweet.

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