Sleep is very important to stay fit and healthy but their are many reasons that can ruin your sleep. You may be feeling sleepy or wanting to sleep but you might be able to sleep this is due to some of the reasons that affects our sleep. Many people move left and right on their bed so to feel comfortable to get sleep but they then also fail to get sleep these may be due to the following reasons.

1. Temperature

If the room temperature is very hot or very cool then one might fail to adjust to the temperature and get proper sleep.Some changes in the room temperature can help to get proper sleep.

2. Noise

If the room you are sleeping in is full of noise like noise of tv etc than you cant get proper sleep. How can one sleep in a room that is full of activities.

3.Eating large meal or drinking lot of water before sleep.

If one has the habit of eating late night and going to sleep then he might fail to get sleep.Your stomach may fail to digest the food you ate if you try to sleep just after eating.

4.Have you have your library ,gaming zone or drinking bar in your bed room.

If you have somethings like gaming zone which are of lot of interest to you in your bedroom then you might be tend to play the games at late night or if you have alcohol drinks in your room then you may be tend to drink them late night which may affect your sleep.

5 . Exercising at night

If you exercise at night then this is a bad habit it may harm your sleep. you might get pain in your body and also affect your sleep try to avoid exercising late night.

Small reasons may harm a person's sleep one need to just change the lifestyle and some habits to get proper sleep daily.

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