Quitting smoking is not always easy but it is absolutely possible.

 Every year millions of people do it.

 So, if there is somewhere in you who urge you about this then listen to it. These are the 5 ways which may help you quit.


Firstly, know the reason why you smoke and try to find a substitute for that. If you are smoking when you are angry, when you have an argument with someone then learn other ways to manage your anger instead of depending on smoke.


Secondly, decide and make a commitment to yourself about when to quit. Plan 2 weeks before you quit that is smoke fewer cigarettes each day. Cut your cigarettes in half. Buy one pack at a time and on the day of commitment completely QUIT IT and this time no buts and ifs.


Thirdly, start some new habits before you quit that is during 2 weeks period try to get started up with some new habit. Aim for daily physical activity, listen to music, dance or find a new healthy diet which may help you as a substitute for smoking.


Fourthly, expect urges because there are some temporary withdrawal symptoms like tense feeling, restlessness, tired feeling and depression. But they won’t last for more than few weeks. During these feeling try to distract yourself with other activities, friends when you feel these symptoms.


Finally, Plan for the future because after weeks or months after quitting you might feel “just one cigarette wont hurt me” but you will start off again. So make a strong commitment not to start again in this lifetime think there are so many things in this world which are lot better than smoking.


These are some steps which will help you to completely quit smoking. Because you are important and your body deserves to be respected.


Hope this article helps you. Take care of your LUNGSJ



Thank you


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