Weight lifting can damage your blood pressure. The facts: It is well known that regular aerobic exercises have the ability to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure between those who practice but what about the years of weight lifting?

For years, people suffering from hypertension were aware of exercises with weights that were dangerous because the doctors feared that the peak blood pressure recorded during stressful exercises with weights risky and could cause problems in long term, result in elevation of pressure blood.

However, studies conducted on the matter not provided much evidence to support this concern. And in recent years, some large studies, actually reached the opposite conclusion: that lifting weights actually lowers blood pressure measured with the body at rest, because, with the gain of strength of muscles, the heart is reduced demand when the person is doing their daily activities.

For example, an analysis published by the journal, hypertension involved the examination of 11 clinical trials, in which 182 adults who raise weights several times a week were compared to 138 other people who do not.

Overall, the studies reached the conclusion that lifting weights resulted in reduction of the order of 2% in systolic blood pressure at rest (the highest number in a reading of pressure) and the order of 4% in diastolic pressure (the number lower on a reading of pressure) - small gains that may promote strong improvement in cardiovascular health.

Another report, that the American Heart Association published by the journal circulation found that only two or three sessions of weight lifting per week to provide sufficient reduction in blood pressure

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