The flu, everyone gets it once and you obviously want as quickly as possible from coming. In this article you will find useful tips to the misery a bit to soften and as soon as possible bounce back.


Actually there is no real cure for the flu itself because it is caused by a virus, your body must therefore yourself. The funds on the market cold and flu symptoms to help often only slightly suppressed.

Taking vitamin C supplements if you already have the flu does not make sense, vitamin C supplements are only effective if they had long been used.

What can you do?


To help your body as quickly as possible to get rid of the flu virus, it is important to allow yourself to rest in a stable environment of temperature to stay. If you keep going from the outside in, charge your body just so it will take longer for your recovery.

Food and drink

Often have little appetite if you have the flu because of nausea or a feeling that you do not really taste the food. It is not very much to eat if you have flu, but if you drink enough. Tea (with honey) is often pleasant to drink, if not too strong. Remember this is for you not the 'normal tea drink, just because it draws moisture from your body, which is not good for you. Green tea or herbal tea is an excellent contrast, even very good for you. Try not to use alcohol or coffee, it also removes moisture from your body, you just fought desperately need as quickly as possible to waste disposal. Dairy products you should avoid these provide extra mucus which is very unpleasant.

Often the consumption of chicken as recommended if you have the flu. It is no myth of chicken soup that you feel better, it is even scientifically proven. The steam from your hot soup rid causes the blockage of your nose is less and the herbs in it, like garlic and pepper are used for years against respiratory diseases. So if you're craving some food, chicken soup is a good choice.


If you really suffer from a stuffy nose or blocked sinuses a bath would sometimes provide relief. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan, remove from heat and add chamomile, eucalyptus and thyme. Go hang over the pan with a towel over your head and inhale the steam. This may initially feel very uncomfortable, but it makes it also helps loosen mucus and sore throat.


The most important thing with flu is that you mostly take the time to sit out sick. Take time to sleep and rest and allow your body time to fight against the flu virus. If you gauwje to resuming regular activities, there is a chance that the symptoms come back just as quickly because you have not recovered and your resistance is very low by the flu.

Doctor Visit

If the fever gets too high (above 40 degrees Celsius), within one week if no improvement in the case of sick or elderly (> 80) or children it is advisable to consult a physician.

Flu prevention -> ensure a good resistance

To prevent you (again) flu is important to ensure that you have a good resistance. Often the use of Echinacea is recommended to increase your resistance, but there has never been scientifically proven that it really helps. It also seems to be used when the damage has already been done, it would shorten the duration of colds.

Other ways to increase your resistance to the desired level include, sufficient (1.5 to 2 liters) drinking, varied and regular diet, sufficient exercise (at least half hour has been providing a significant contribution to increasing the resistance) and of course provide a good night's sleep.

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