Food ingredients with multifunctional properties as a result of the drug have already closed shop. Good food is good for your body care. Sometimes the circumstances are such that you not a minor illness convenience. You can then all kinds of pills. However, there are possibilities for going to a drugstore savings. Salt and water we have all in house and there is a healing remedy for inflammation of it.

Salt solution against infections
Water and salt mixed together is quite simple. It works disinfectant. If you have inflamed gums can rinse the mouth with salt water. It also works against nasal congestion. A nose and throat oorsrts can confirm that the sniff of salt water from a saucer is a good way to your nose open. The Eustachian tubes, which run your nose and your ears have a mission to channel moisture are often hidden in a cold person. You will have problems with pressure on your ears even an ear infection which can pass. This can be prevented by a few drops of salt water into your nostrils to stop. You can use the saline nose drops do possibly in a bottle to make it easier to administer.

Honey at husky voice
The sore throat is healed faster with honey. It is also important to decide not to drink black tea if you suffer from a sore throat. The black tea is the most consumed type of tea. This is very bad for your vocal chords. Professional singers and speakers in public are advised not to drink tea. Green tea may well. A cough is a buying opportunity for people who suffer from the throat. Honey is a very good alternative.

Olive oil as a sunscreen
When people did not have sunscreen oils to be used to protect their skin from drying. Especially in countries surrounding the Mediterranean smearing everyone with olive oil. They took out the excess oil from the skin with a wooden scraper. In Greece, every athlete or a soldier during hot weather oil can and a scraper to his belt around his waist. So they held the skin clean and free of dryness. Olive oil also works well in the winter to dry hands. People with eczema have very expensive medicines through the skin doctor. Sometimes it appears that olive oil works better. In regular medicines for the skin, substances which cause an allergic reaction. Even vaseline, a byproduct of the oil industry, is not recommended by dermatologists. Olive oil has no side effects.

Sambal from stuffy nose and sinuses
People with a stuffy nose can benefit from eating sambal. By eating sambal, the nose open. Sometimes people with a sinus infection or sinusitis benefit sambal. All body cavities are interconnected. Sambal is made from Lombok or chili. This vegetable is very good for the body. In the Japanese concentration camps in the Dutch East Indies during World War II had been eating poorly. Sambal was about the only vegetable that they received. This many people survived the hard camp life.

Who does the diarrhea is well toasted white bread to eat. It works hiding, which means that by eating the feces of toasted white bread much firmer. If you suffer from constipation you can eat prunes or drink prune juice.

Sugar-are too stoned to
Sugar is very bad, maybe a poison. For one thing it's good to use, as a medicine against stoned-ness. Smoking cannabis is bad but if you know someone around you who really stoned and there is a problem with this then you can help someone by giving him sweets. Some pot smokers suffer from anxiety attacks. Especially tourists who visit the high quality of Dutch weed is not accustomed to suffer from vertigo and paranoia. Sugar binds the active ingredient of hashish or marijuana, THC. The THC in the blood loses its effectiveness after eating sugar. This will speed up sober. You are never completely sober from sugar but eating one cup of tea with five spoonfuls of sugar does wonders after smoking too much weed.

Pulses against iron deficiency
An iron deficiency often leads to chronic fatigue. There are people who so supplements for their iron content up to standard. Much healthier it is for a daily portion of food legumes. In almost every meal you can handle pulses. Pulses are high in iron. Some legumes are delicious as a meal in itself, pea soup or falafel made of chickpeas. Other legumes can be added to the rice or potato meal.

Onion against nasal congestion
Onions are very healthy. Anyone suffering from a stuffy nose can overnight a half onion beside his bed lay. You wake with an open nose. Especially when sleep is a stuffy nose difficult because you automatically breathe through your mouth. This gives you a very dry throat which is an uncomfortable feeling. Another way to onion as medicine to use to process the onion meal. An onion soup can be very healing work for the inflamed mucous membranes. It also helps to have to cut onions. The common phenomenon that you should cry cutting onions can be applied correctly if you're a bad cold. An onion as medicine are best eaten raw only that some people feel dirty. It is therefore better to handle it in a salad, onions, mayonnaise on chips to do or to eat a herring with onions. Anyone who has children with a stuffy nose, a half onion lay beside their beds when they are already asleep. Before bed because the smell may be too strong.

Moerman diet
Using food as medicine is a good alternative. The well-known cancer specialist Dr Cornelius Moerman (1893-1988) swore by eating fruit against cancer. His investigations showed that body metabolism has significant effects on carcinogenesis. Moerman discovered that many nutrients that we used to eat not healthy. He ate only vegetables on bread slices. You can invest a tasty sandwich with strawberry, kiwi, apple, orange or banana. The Netherlands has 50 physicians who provide cancer patients the Moerman therapy. Moerman used his own diet and is 95 it is today.

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