Cancer of the fallopian tube is one of the rarest cancers. Though there is not any particular age bar but this cancer is more common in nulliparous that is woman not giving birth to any child and post menopausal age group.

Symptoms of cancer of fallopian tube

As this is a rare form of cancer, the case is never suspected as cancer and doctors often treat the patient as a case of pelvic inflammatory disease, the main symptoms too matches with pelvic inflammatory disease that is vaginal discharge, pelvic pain and a pelvic mass which may or may not be felt by external examination.


The final diagnosis is very difficult even by latest modalities, the final picture is revealed only when laprotomy is done, then it is realized that the case is of cancer of the fallopian tube.

Treatment and Prognosis

Treatment of the cancer of fallopian tube is surgery or/and radiotherapy and chemotherapy depending on the stage of ther disease.

Prognosis is very poor and the main reason of poor prognosis is late diagnosis usually in the later stage of the cancer.

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