Is there any one who want to be weak in Health ? .  No

every one want Best Health.  But 5% of public only take care of Health.

Easy health tip for all age group.

Age Group 20 to 55


Do WALK EVERY DAY .  Walking helps complete body function.

Before Walk  - Take one class of Warm water.  This helps circulation of blood.

                       -  Do warm up before Starting Walk. Rotate Leg and Hand and Bend Body.

                       - Morning and Evening are good time to Walk.  Avoid walk  between 10 am to 4 PM .

                      - Do not walk when you are hungry or Full of Stomach.

During Walk  -  Think of complete Body and See Straight and move hand and leg in sequence.

                         -  Do not think any thing. Concentrate on Breath and Body movement.

                        -  Walk briskly and straight road.

                        - Avoid polluted place to walk

After Walk      -  After walk take class of Water 

                        -  Lay down and relax your Body for minimum 10 Minutes

                        -  Your Body Need rest to recharge Complete Body.





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