Lemon and Lime


Everyone knows about lemon. Lemon is available to all levels of people. So we know how we use lemon while cooking. To prepare Alma pickle also we take lemon support. The famous chefs also use lemon in their cooking at the end of the dish to obtaining best taste.

There are many people who love to have Tiffin upma with lemon. Even while eating curries like chicken, mutton, and fish also people have with lemon. Having lemon juice in summer gives lot of relaxation and energy. In bakeries, for pooding people use lemon slices. Now a day they have launched chocolates and drinks with lemon flavor. The people who do fasting should have lemon juice so that they will get some energy.

We can use lemon juice as temporary preservative. We can prepare Jams and shakes by using lemon and store for long time. If we store lemon juice in Ice trays and freeze them, then whenever we need to make lemon juice, we can just take a cube add some water and sugar that’s it. Therefore the chilled lemon juice has been prepared in seconds.

By using lemon oil to our hair, mind will be fit. Now a day the usage of lemon oil has increased in auromadheyraphi. While travel many of people carry lemon with them to avoid vomiting sensations.

Lemon is used as a best cleaner: 

The oils extracted from lemon are used to clean wood and polish wood.

By adding salt to lemon juice if we clean brass and copper things, then they will definitely shine as new one.

Most of the people use lemon juice to remove oiliness and smell from hands. Especially when we eat non veg.

Most of the washing powders, washing liquids and washing soaps are made by lemon only.

Lemon is the best sanitary of kitchen.

The grease stains can be removed by using lemon.


The India is the best in production of lemon among the world. All lemons look same but difference in their size. But there are different types of lemons. We feel lemon and lime are same as they look and similar. But both of them are different as they are from different bread. If it is in yellow color and size of egg then it is known as lemon. If it is half ripen and half not ripen, green in color and round in shape of small size then is known as lime. The yellow color lemons are from phabric breed.

Beauty through lemon and precautions:

To make our skin shiny and smooth, lemon is the best one.

We can smoothen the hard skin at the knee and elbow by rubbing with lemon.

Apply lemon juice at the spots on the skin before you sleep at night daily then there will be change in color of the spots to normal color.

If we apply lemon juice in skin when you are in hot sun then there may be a chance to change your skin to black. So never apply lemon juice on skin when you are in hot sun.

The people who have sensitive should dilute the lemon juice with water then only they should use it on the skin.

To remove black heads from the skin, apply lemon juice before you sleep at night and wash it with cold water when wake at morning. Then black heads gets removed and skin gets fresh look.

To make your nails clean and shiny, just dip your nails in the lemon juice and wash it after 10 minutes.

For gaining smooth and shiny lips, just apply the mixture of milk cream, lemon juice, honey.

To obtain a shiny skin just apply a pack of mixture that is milk, lemon, and glycerin to face, hands, neck and leg. After ½ an hour washes it with cool water.


Lemon to protect your hair: 

For avoiding dandruff just apply a hair pack mixture of white egg yolk, lemon juice.

To get rid from white hair problem just apply a hair pack mixture of henna, Castrol and lemon juice.


In 100gms of lemon we can obtain 29kg calories, fiber – 2.8g, calcium-26mg, vitamic-53mg, magnesium – 8mg, potassium – 138mg and Zinc-0.06mg.


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