Now a days most of the people are suffering from white hair problem in younger age itself. Actually once the black hair becomes white then they never become black. But we can protect our hair from becoming white in younger age. In younger age hair becoming whie means it is  a deficiency of glands present in hair and scalp. These glands which keep hair soft , if they are not properly produced then whie hair starts . According to the food , if the vitamin B complex food is not taken then there is a possibility of getting  white hair. So minerals  should be  huge amount. the deficiency  of iron , copper, Iodin, are also causes of  white hair problem. So , to have all these proteins  we have to conjume all types of vegetables, leafy vegetable. Fruits should be a part of your diet. The curry leaves in curries should not threwn they should be eaten. In non vegetarian we have to eat the goat liver once in week. 

The soft drinks, sugar, food items made of sugar, potatoes usage should be avoided. Therefore hair care should be taken externally also. Never  let your hair become more dry. Before using any hair wash or hair creams or hair perfumes  first read the directions and the ingrediants present in it and check is there anything which hams your hair , if there is no harming chemical in it then use it. Never prefer to use more cosmetics. Wash your hair thoroughly so that the foam should be completely washed as foam is the main source for dandruff. 

Drink more water then hair will be more healthy and softer. Try to have food which contains E vitamin. Trim your hair every month. Never comb your hair when it is wet condition. Try to have hair and scalp, twice a week. For soft and silky look  apply egg yolk and curd. there are best conditions to hair. Always use cold water, while hair and scalp wash. 

Never leave your hair with out combing for long time that means for more days. If it is left for more days without combing then the hair pores will get closed and hair fall gets starts. Never leave your hair with dandruff for long time, try to wash your hair as early as possible and as thoroughly as possible. 

Applying curd and lemon to hair will avoid dandruff to occur. to have a beautiful hair, every thing depends  on your height , weight and diet according to our age. If your hair is silky and straignt hair  , use light shampoo . If your hair is  curly hair , use thick shampoo and if your hair is wavy hair, you can use both kinds of shampoo. 

We can use aloveera zel for the smoothness of hair

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