Pimples- are you tired of that small bump on your face?  It can sometimes turn red and can be the cause of depression and embarrassment for some. It is known by many names such as acne, pimple..

There can be many reasons for such pimple break outs. Through this article i will help you find a probable reason for this break-outs and a probable solution to end this trouble.

If it is because of INDIGESTION, keep a check on your food habits. Avoid eating junk and oily food. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables. Avoid breads, chocolates, biscuits and other bakery items. As far as possible consume only home-made items and that too cooked in less oil. Use ghee (homemade butter) rather than oil for consumption.

If you have DANDRUFF in your hair this can be one of the main reasons for pimples. Wash your hair twice to thrice a week or take laxatives and eat healthy food, avoid junk food if food is the main reason behind such break out.
Sometimes oily skin can also be the main reason behind it. If it is so wash your face two to three times in a day. You should use products that control oil and it is best to use gel based products than cream based.

Products that you are using on your skin should suit you. So when you buy any product for first tine do CONDUCT A SMALL SKIN TEST by applying that produce in a smaller part of your hand and wait for 24 to 48 hrs to see if it causes no problem or irritation.You should check if the face wash and moisturiser that you are using suits your skin or not. Sometimes pimples can be because of allergy of such products.

When you use MAKE-UP it is necessary to wipe off the make up before you go to bed. And utmost care should be taken that make up that you are using is of good quality and is not harmful for your skin. Sometimes because of the price we use low quality make up but always remember spending a penny more o your make up won’t harm you and is far better than spending a fortune on skin treatments . you also undergo lot of mental stress and there are many cases where person slips into depression owing to skin troubles. So it is always better to use good quality product.

Also when you are buying any product it is necessary that you CHECK THE EXPIRY DATE  because if the expiry date has passed than the chemicals used in the product and quality of that product starts deteriorating.

Chemicals harm your skin a lot. So it is best to use NATURAL PRODUCTS. There are many products that are available in market which are free from chemicals and are best for your skin. To name a few  Bodyshop, forest essentials, Thann etc are natural products.

Now if you have checked all of the above points and you find that your pimples are the outburst of HORMONAL CHANGES in your body. Do not panic and no need to worry. There are many medicines available in market that can help you cure this. Consult the best skin specialist in your city and find out the reason and probable solution to it. But a word of caution, it is always good to check with other people with their opinions on that particular doctor. And never be in a hurry to sort out this problem. Because for hormonal changes in body there are medicines that can cure within few weeks and there are slow but safe medicines  that takes time to cure it. Always opt for the second type of medicine which though takes time will help you solve your problems

Do visit this website if required:-www.nationalacne.com/acne-pictures.htm

Remember –Rome was not built in a day.So have patience, go slow but steady with your medicines.
Wish you pimple free skin!!{jcomments on}

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