Emami Malai Kesar cold cream with herbs is by far the best winter cold cream available in the market. Packed in a cream yellow egg shaped plastic bottle/container, the 30 ml pack is also the cheapest cream on the shelf. It costs for Rs 26 only. It is also available in larger packs of 60 ml.

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The cold cream is slightly oily thus making it easily absorbed in the skin and provides protection against dryness & chapped skin in winters. The oil contents being light, the cream does not clog the skin pores, thereby avoiding the occurrence of pimples & blemishes on the face keeping the face clean & glowing throughout the day protecting from cold wave. The fragrance of the cream is very pleasing and is soothing to the nerves.

Earlier I was extremely disappointed due to the sticky & oily base of the cold creams I used to apply on face as they always made the skin oily in appearance after applying which sometimes resulted in pimples on face too. Although they provided protection from dry skin for all day long  but their oily base & thick texture lead to disappointment in winters. Also there was complaint of the loss of glow from face as well in winters due to the use of cold creams.

But after using Emami Malai Kesar cold cream which has 5 power winter formula of herbs I was happy & satisfied to have a cold cream which not only provides protection from dry skin in winters but also nourishes ,moisturizes & revitalizes the skin with much needed glow in winter seasons. It is suitable for all skin types. The non greasy nature of the cream makes the skin soft & supple throughout the day. The goodness of Malai & Kesar enhances the radiance & vitality of skin giving it a soothing relief from dryness & roughness.

This is one of the best product from Emami who are a pioneer in Skin Care & Beauty products. I would definitely rate the cream 10 out of 10 for winter use.




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