What to eat in summers
Summers are here with all the problems those come with hot weather. This is wise to change some of your eating habits to keep cool and fit. This is good to know about a few food items, which may not only prove helpful in fighting with sizzling heat but would keep you fresh also. Let us see what is good to eat in this weather- here are some suggestions.
Tomato is one good item that is useful in removing pimples because it contains lycopeen, a bright red pigment that is antioxidant and related to beta-carotene. This pigment is available in red or orange colored fruits and vegetables and helpful in protecting our skin from ultraviolet rays. Therefore, this is advisable to eat tomato on regular basis in different shapes. You can use it as raw, salads, juices, sauce and mixed with different other vegetables juices like carrots and oranges to give it a different taste and take its full advantage.


Green tea is another good option for tea lovers especially in summers. Green tea is another source of to keep your skin young, wrinkle free and fresh. Therefore, go for as many cups as you like.

Fish is one good option for most of people who can eat it (I am not one of them) people who eat fish remain younger for longer period. Their skin remains wrinkle free and does not age soon due to Omega-3 fatty acid. By the way Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids and so very necessary for our skin healtheat2

Brown rice is natural source of ceramides, which is good to keep our body moisturized, hair, and skin healthy. Brown rice is mostly cultivated in Kerala and few other parts of our country. This rice is very good for digestion system, skin and hair.

Papaya is full of vitamin C that helps save us from harmful effects of sunrays and is capable of repairing DNA damaged by ultraviolet rays also. Papaya is very good digestive also which keeps our system clean and this fruit makes a good face pack as well.

Carrot is another source of beta-carotene and lycopeen therefore good for skin and hair. Carrot works as protective source against ultraviolet rays also. There are many more useful healthy food items like soymilk, spinach, nuts, strawberry, mangoes and different vegetables and fruits. Watermelon, cucumber and coconut water are some other good sources of your needs of water.eat3

This is good to drink lots of water
You may find it strange but I drink 5-6 glasses of water first thing in the morning. I spend about half an hour drinking water while checking my mail as soon as I get up. That not only keeps my system clean and impurities out of my system but also helps fight obesity. Drinking lots of water every day is more useful in summers as this helps keep your skin glowing and heatstroke away. Lack of water can make your skin aging and wrinkled faster. Aloe Vera is not only good as a cosmetic product but good to use orally as well. People consume it in many ways for different problems.

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