How to avoid Dandruff

1)Try to wash your hair in alternative days so that whatever dust fallen on your hair will not go inside and form dandruff. When you wash your hair with shampoo then try to wash your hair with more water. So that the chemical of shampoo go completely from your hair. Mix little vinegar in water and rub on hair with cotton by dipping in the mixture. Then Wash your hair with shampoo. If you repeat this process 2 times a month then the dandruff problem will go.

2)Apply olive oil to your hair and then start massaging. Then grind soaked fenu greek seeds. Now add 2 table spoon curds, 2 spoons hibiscus flower powder in it. Mix them finely. Now apply this mixture to your hair. And after half an hour wash you hair. Add Neam powder in curd and soak before the day. Now apply to your hair then dandruff and itching problems does not occur.

3)Boil Tulasi leaves in half cup of water. Let them get cool. Then place this water in refrigerator. After half an hour take out the tulasi leaves boiled water from the refrigerator. Now apply this water to your hair by dipping cotton in the water. After 15 minutes wash your hair with warm water.

4)Let sunrays fall on your hair daily for few minutes. So that your hair will get D vitamin at required quantity and hair will be healthy. Blood circulation will be well. So then growths of hair will strength.

5)Whenever you go out try to cover your hair especially at dusty places.

6)Always try washing your hair with cold water only.

7)Regular hair wash avoids occurrence of dandruff.

8)Having fried curries also help dandruff to increase.

9)Apply curd one hour before taking hair wash. Will remove dandruff from your hair.

10)Regular cleaning of combs and rubber bands also avoids the occurrence of dandruff

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