The old age starts from age 40. This age is also known as middle age. So this is a very delicate age as young charm leaves us and old age enters.

            Whatever it may be, children and old people are should be taken special care. Even doctors also suggest the same. The problems faced by children are different. The care to the children will be provided by pediatrics group. Even old people also should be taken more care and protection. This was already declared by doctors. So these will be taken care by Geriatrics group which are spread all over the world. Recently the problems of youngsters have been recognized well. The youngsters who grow as adults, they should be taken care according to their. The group name adult cent clinic are been spreading to treat the old people. The middle age group people that are 40 aged people leave young charm and become as older one. This stage has special priority or importance. This is the ages which completely have good health, with family and world. That’s why the health of the people is very peculiar. Actually people of this age show in maintaining their health then they become diseased and ill for long time. 40 ages is very delicate age. So let us know it in detail.

            We may not like to accept few facts. If it is about young charm, then it is absolutely correct. Until people enter the age of 30 they never feel that they are adults. But then after 10 years when they enter the age of 40, then slowly they realize and enjoy the specialty of age and they get habituated to it. You will observe that you are losing your young charm, you will know and understand your limits of age, your age increasing and according to the health little changes will occur in you. Protecting the physical strength and fitness is difficult in this age. To gain these in this age 40, you need to work hard then before. The work which you have worked out very easily will take more time in this age. In another way, this is difficult stage for family also. The family burdens will come on to your shoulders in this age only, unhealthy parents , deaths, problems settlement with life partner, stress in parents of children. All these problems enter our mind without our knowledge and disturb us. This is the age which will be effected by the diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. If you want to live your remaining life happily then you have to take a lot care and precautions as you know about this age. 

Everything is in our hands:

In everything what result are we gaining is that specialty of age 40. This is not the age to get instructions or if someone gives also they won’t listen. That’s why in this age, the choice will change particularly. For example, you may think that should I do hard work or not? Or should I spend time without going anywhere? Or for being active should I perform exercises or not? Or Should I eat whatever I like? Or Should I food according to the health and rules? Or do I reduce my weight or pass the days without working? Or enjoy the life by spending time with children or not?  All these questions should be answers by you for yourself. But whatever answers you choose to these questions, they will show their effect in the future. Getting addicted to the bad habits like alcohol, addicting to television and going away from the social relation and social life. But in this age, it depends up on their interest.

If mind is active then age does not matter:

Age increases for everyone, but with age the reactions takes place and their results will not be same in everyone. We can avoid old age in this age by having healthy food and performing physical exercises then you spend your remaining life with activeness and healthy. The Whitening of hair, bald head are the problems occur due to genes. We may not avoid them. The good health is in our hands only. We can enjoy 40 age by following few food and exercise rules without fail, reducing stress, giving importance to sleep and making few tests without fail. So that your future will be with any difficulty in this age 40.

Healthy food like :





By daily performing exercises we can be active whole day. Life changes to happiness. The people who never performed exercises, it is better for them also to start performing exercises. At first you may get weirdness, tiredness, leg pains but later you continue perform exercises get habituated to you. So all the pains will go and you may feel light weight physically. Performing exercises and increasing them at a time is not correct. Slowly the exercise should be increased. For example you perform 5 sit-up today then tomorrow you increase 5 more. But it is not good to do 100 sit ups in a days. By performing exercises the health problems like heart problems, High Blood Pressure, diabetes, cancer in big intestine, mental stress, and depression will get reduce. So due to exercising bones get strengthen and become strong. So they can enjoy their life in this age also happily. It is suggested that having walk of 30 minutes daily for this age group is very much good for their health. If possible it is good to play volleyball and swimming for 30-30 minutes as they are one kind of exercises.

Stress is good:

The age 40 will have a lot of responsibilities in home and in office. So due to this, stress occurs. It is important that how we overcome this stress with good health. In this stage only many of the people do many things and do even risks also. Some other people at this stage will become lazy and inactive. Actually they should take care, the stress should be limited. How we react to the stress and how we over come to it , that depends mostly on our mental strength, will power and mind power. By performing regular exercises we can overcome the stress. For some people yoga, meditation, tour, music, book reading like habits remove stress. Some people could not bear the stress and they get addicted to alcohol and drugs in this stage of age. So it is good to take doctors instructions or suggestions or take counseling. We should not forget that if we neglect the stress then it leads to physical health problems.

Sleep is necessary:

Sleep is important much now days. But we cannot say how many are giving importance to it now. The age 40 people should need 8 hours sleep. In the sleep our eyes move very fast that is REM sleeping stage. If this there in enough quantity then only we get rest feeling. To reach this stage, deep sleep is necessary. Sleeping when you are about to go to deep sleep then if you wake at that time, that means you can REM stage will not come. Therefore, you may not be taken rest. So it is good to spare few hour for sleep. If we does not have enough sleep then the immune system will become weak, get disturbed and the health problems easily occurs, you cannot concentrate  on anything, you will get frustration and you start quarreling with your life partner or anyone. At these stage accidents occurs in the professions. So we should give sufficient time for sleep.


In this middle age the big challenge and very happy thing also is parenting. Giving more importance to parenting, spending more time with children healthily, serving parents, understanding your parents problem, talking to the life partner heart fully and making the family relations healthy, going on satisfied path as professional, showing interest on creativity, giving importance to social relations. Especially not going to laziness, all these are helpful for good health. 

The tests which should be performed for your health checkup:


Many people go on their life without checking their weight for years. This is not at all correct. How much you are having healthy food but you have to check your weight for every 6 months or at least for every year. This is very necessary. According to the weight we can calculate body mass Index (BMI). Is your weight is healthy? Or it is showing any unhealthiness? To know all these details, we have to check our weight in correct manner. Most of the people’s weight increase in this middle age 40 only. They will have more weight than the weight they should have actually. Due to overweight and obesity the health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure which cause heart problems, joint pains like health problems may occur. To calculate BMI we should measure height in meters. Then the result of height should be divided with weight. The result is known as BMI. This BMI will be 18 – 23 for Asian people normally. If it cross 25 that means the problems like overweight, obesity problems starts, so we need to take suitable and necessary precautions.


Sugar in Blood:

If glucose levels increase its limit in blood then that leads to diabetes. This diabetes most suffered by Asian people especially Indians. Diabetes effect whole body from heart to brain. All the systems in our body. If the glucose levels increase in blood, so the diabetes problem we may not know. But if this continues then the other health problems occurs due to diabetes. So that age of 35 – 40 people should need to have blood test and should know whether they have diabetes or not and about glucose levels. If diabetes did not occur, then there may be any risk of occurrence or not. The glucose levels in blood should be 100 before you take food and it should be 140 after 2 hours having food. If you have more than 140 after taking food then you need to consult doctor. If you have 100 – 125 glucose levels before having food and 100 – 125 glucose levels before having food and 140-200 after taking food that means there is a chance of diabetes occurrence. If you have126 before food and 200 after taking food means you are effected by diabetes.


High Blood Pressure:

High Blood Pressure is the main health problem which causes some other health problem. If we did not recognize high blood pressure or if you are neglecting high blood pressure then it cause paralysis, heart attack to kidney problems and many more dangers occur. When you become of age 40, then it is very necessary to check blood pressure regularly. Or at least once in a year. Most of the people feel that if angry of person increases then the Blood pressure of that person is increased. But they are mistaken, it is not at all correct. It is just people’s imagination. Though they have high blood pressure but there will be any kind of symptoms in some people. But whatever should happened will happen inside the body. So you check your blood pressure regularly. Normally 120/80 Blood pressure should be for any age group people. If the any number in these increases then you need to consult doctor immediately.



Eye test:

In the age of 40, the working muscles in eye changes. Due to this there will be variations in vision, so you need to have eye test once in 2 years. According to the necessity you need to choose or change your spectacles. Eye test should not be done only for checking the vision; It should also need to check the stress and to know other problems of the eye. So that if there is glaucoma like problems, you can treat it at the initial stage. For such problems you need to notice in the early stage only.



The cholesterol quantity present in the blood is more than blood vessels will get contract and finally leads to health problems like heart problems, paralysis and some other health problems also occurs. The people of age 30 to 40 should have cholesterol test at least once in a year. To know how much quantity of cholesterol present in your blood. The cholesterol of 200 present in blood is good for health. But it should not cross 240 MG. The Impure cholesterol MDAL should be 100. Pure cholesterol HDAL should be 40 or more is good for health. Triglycerides 150.

Ladies special:

In India, most of the women have less blood in their body. So they should have to get their best tested once in a year and should know the percentage of hemoglobin. This will be good for health. Normally the hemoglobin must be between 15.7 to 11.7. If it reduces then you need to concern doctor and take their advice. In India breast, uterus cancers problems are been increasing in women. Actually we can notice these 2 cancers at initial stage by screening and we can treat them immediately. If we treat at early stage then they get heal soon. So the lady of age 30 to 40 should know about breast cancer, If they notice any change in them then they should concern doctor immediately. They need have pop miyar test once in a year to know whether their uterus have cancer. Mostly we can know about the symptoms of this cancer. If they take treatment then it will be healing forever. When the occurrence of menopause happens then at that age you will have frustration and physical changes. So it is good to consult gynecologist once in a year. It is good for you.

Gents special:

The gents who are of this age 40, they will have concern in few always in reproductive system. So they have to test themselves. If they find any difference or change they have to consult immediate doctor. In this age of 45 to 50, the prostate glands get swell (BIH) and it brings all urinary problems. After 40 ages they become sexually weak and some other problem occurs. If you notice such problem then you need to consult doctor.



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