When you wake up in the morning you remember about your need to look good, and so rush to the shelf with makeup. But dermatologists believe that in the morning you should care about protecting your skin from harmful influences. With regard to efforts for rejuvenation and renewal of skin cells, they are best left for the evening and one reason for this is that the majority of anti-aging effect is more effective at night when the body is fully at rest. In addition, in the cell regeneration process, the old cells are sloughed off from the surface of the skin.


They are accelerated in the evening and at night, so we can profitably take advantage of its beauty. Experts identify the eight most effective things for the rejuvenation and renewal of skin cells for the night. But in order not to overload the skin, they are also advised to alternate the use of these ingredients.


Retinoid as vitamin A derivatives increases the production of skin collagen, which helps prevent and reduce fine wrinkles and age spots. It makes sense to use them only at night, because if it is used during the day time, the sunlight not only destroys them but also enhances the effects of solar radiation on the skin.


That's why after applying a cream with retinol at night it is desirable and advised to protect the skin in the morning with a good filter medium. For many women the retinoid creams cause skin irritation, so they should be applied very thinly and not every night. 


Water: Yes, surprisingly enough, the water is also an excellent ingredient for use as a night cream. When you sleep, the skin loses moisture, and often in the morning, the face looks dry and irritated, so we have to somehow stop this process. To retain and replenish moisture in the skin of the face, you can use a night cream, the list of ingredients in it being the water in the first or second place. It is also desirable that the cream contained in other substances that help to retain moisture in the skin, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid.


Alpha-hydroxy acids are indispensable in the fight against aging. Alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic or glycolic acid, have peeling properties by helping the skin quickly to get rid of obsolete cells and regenerate new, fresh and young cells. This, in fact, is one of the main differences between the young skins from the old: the young skin cells get quickly updated. It suffices to apply the cream with alpha hydroxy acids, once a week, because it can be quite allergenic. 


Vitamin C develops the immune system. Vitamin C is useful in many forms, including as part of the night creams. This vitamin restores and tones the skin, promotes collagen production and helps us get rid of toxins. By the way, the skin during the day is most susceptible to this vitamin. During the day, the various factors and pollutants such as makeup, sunscreen, harmful substances from the environment etc., may reduce the positive effect of vitamin C in our body. 


Green tea and red tea extracts are some of the best antioxidants to protect the skin from harmful environmental exposures. They also have a calming and anti-inflammatory action on the skin. The extracts of green tea and red tea are most useful to apply at night, when the skin is most relaxed and not exposed to pollution and ultra violet rays. Extracts of green tea and red tea can either be part of the night cream, or simply applied as a simple coating to the skin spray. 


Peptides: Modern dermatologists insist that the peptides - the most effective ingredient in the serum and moisturizer for the strengthening and tightening skin. Its inherent nature is such that the skin is actively updated at night and use this time of peptides may further accelerate this process. In addition to its speed recovery, it increases the production of collagen peptides in the night. How to find a cosmetic product with peptides? No need to carefully review the list of ingredients: usually the word "peptide" somehow presents in the title. 


Growth Factors: Growth factors are special proteins, whose popularity in recent years is very high. And no wonder: their mission is to improve the regeneration of skin cells that contribute to its rejuvenation. Currently, the arsenals of anti-aging techniques are therapeutic and cosmetic products that contain specific human growth factors, or a combination of many human and plant growth factors. 


The clinical studies show that local application of these tools, they have a favorable effect on the age of the skin. They were also better to use at night, since during the day they can be deactivated by various factors, and no effect on the skin of other cosmetic products (e.g., tonics), other than a night cream with growth factors.


Jojoba oil is ultra-moisturizing oil. It is too greasy to apply it in the daytime, because the need to soak for several hours. If you use it at night, then you can wake up refreshed in the morning with well rested and hydrated face. Another reason to use jojoba oil at night: our skin produces in the dark less subcutaneous fat, so cosmetics that are high in fat is absorbed better. Jojoba oil also does not clog the pores of the skin, because it does not contain triglycerides as other oils. 

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