Most of the women use bleach for getting glow to their skin especially in the age of 30's. But it is very dangerous to the skin. But getting pigmentation problems due to bleach is not a fact. The pigmentation problems occurance is common skin problems in age of 30 to 35. If you want to get rid of this problem, then you have make changes not only physically but also psychologically. Normally pigmentation problems depends mostly on our emotions. If you are always happy and peace of mind then that problem gets reduced. If you suffer from stress, worry like problems then this pigmentation problem increases.

There are many solutions and creams are available in the market to cure this pigmentation skin problem. But these creams and solutions should be choosen and used by the consultation of the skin expert. It is good to use creams or solutions which are less thick so that we can obtain good result. To reduce the pigmentation problem, chemical pills, Microdermabrasion and lazer treatment are there. If we adopt these treatment with the suggestions of the skin expert then it will good with best results or else any other problems may occur. With these treatment we can get a lot change in our skin problem with in less time. If these treatments are performed at least 1% negligence then the skin will become more delicate and creates more problems to you.To protect your skin from the chemicals while taking treatment, it is good to use herbal items in the treatment. With the help Infrared light and vegetable pills this treatment will be performed mostly. 


             Tomato                                       Coriander              Pudina


It is good to use the cleansers tomato, pudeena, coriander, turmeric, sandal, milk, kheera, rose for removing the dead cells from the skin. The medicated characters in these will reduce the pigmentation problem to some extent and it even give good shine and glow to the skin. The items tomato puree, milk, keera, 1 spoon honey, 3 drops of lemon juice take them and mix them finely . Then apply to your skin. After few minutes wash it with cold water. If you do this process in alternative days then there will be good result and best benefit.

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