When we are in home we have time to follow a good food habits. But when we are in office this is tough for every one but due to this unhealthy habits making you fat. Here are some of the unhealthy habits at office which make you fat. These habits must leave from your daily life to loose fat from your body.


Unhealthy habits:

Eating Outside: Many of the people think carrying lunch from house is a childish. This is usually for a new commers who joines new in companies. But eating the outside food is a unhealthy habit. Eating out side food contains high in calories which makes you fat.

Late Lunch: There must be correct specific time for every meal. But in office this is not possible to maintain a correct time. If there is any meeting in the office then every one must skip the lunch. This makes you feel gassy. For this you must take any thing like juices or coconut water.

Coffee sip: Too much coffee is not good for health as it contains caffeine. This will effect on sleep which makes you to skip your breakfast again. Coffee contains milk and sugar almost of 100 calories which is not good for health.

Unhealthy snacks: Most of the snacks which we take in our office are mostly fried and salted items. These items make us to put on heavy weght. Try to avoid these items in your office desk. Carry a full box of fresh fruits and vegetables so that these make you healthy. If you want to loose weight this is the best and easy way.

Skipping Breakfast: As this is really a bad habit which makes you unhealthy. Every one will blame office for missing breakfast. But this is really yours fault. When skipping breakfast makes you feel hungry by lunch time. So every one must not skip breakfast.

These are some of the bad habits which make you fat.

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