Winners believe in themselves. Most of the times they know what's right & what's wrong. But what about small little acts like - thanking, appreciating, smoking & drinking, apologizing, rudeness, possessive, will power, and many others? We usually know where we are wrong but is this our excuse - That's Just the way I am :-)

Many times each one of us might have used this phrase :-) We think that we need no change, we are good as we are - that's the way I am - that's my nature - that's my behavior. We develop certain habits or behaviors from childhood, & we perceive it to be our natural self. When someone points it out - normal answer is "that's the way I am". Yes, everybody is unique in his/her character & behavior, but that too is not constant. We learn & change over a period of time. But whatever we learn, we still believe that it's just me, my behavior, and my identity :-)

But we forget that nothing is constant. Our behavior & attitude do change over a period of time - be it a small change or big one :-) When someone points out our weaknesses - we excuse it by saying that’s just the way I am. We don't listen, we don't understand, we don't analyze - it is our belief that it is the way I am & that is my natural behavior - & I cannot change it. But if one pay attention to small facts such as being polite, apologizing for mistake, thanking for a gesture, understanding other's perspective - we may come to a different conclusion. If we analyze - that's not just the way you are - people evolve - they learn from surrounding environment - we can always listen to other's perception & understand it. We can always change ourselves for good. In this light - "That's Just the way I am" stands as your excuse to hide your weaknesses :-)

Between the division of our behavior & mistakes, our belief & reality, our character & other's perception, our uniqueness & change for good - do answer the above question first. It will surely help in self-development.

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