The skin of human being may be black or colorless. The production of Melanin in our body decides our color. Excess production of Melanin is responsible for darkening of our skin. But it is realty that everyone wished whiter, brighter and lighter skin. Lifestyle plays a major role in making skin brighter and lighter. For it peoples prefer some natural material instead of using chemicals based creams and lotions. Here we have some natural methods of achieving whiter, brighter, and lighter skin. To use these methods you want regular house hold items which are easily available.

  1. Apple juice Vinegar: This is very easy way. No blending with other items are required. Just apply apple Cider Vinegar directly to your skin with cotton ball. Leave it on your skin overnight. This method actually kills 2 birds with 1 stone as it also helps in curing acne.
  2. Honey and Lemon Juice: Honey is best one anti-oxidant and lemon is best one skin tonner as well. Lemon juice is very acidic on their, and some people cannot enjoy using it.

    The honey acts as a skin softener. Mix 2 tbsp. of honey with one tbsp. of lemon juice and apply to your face or skin and let sit for 10-20min. For better results this method once a day for three to four weeks. 
  3. Home Made Exfoliator: For lighten and brighten skin removing of dead cell is necessary. Exfoliating is a great way to remove dead skin cells. Here's a homemade simple and legendary exfoliator.

    To prepare it you need to do is mix 2tbsp. of olive oil with one cup of coarse sea salt. Exfoliators are bits harsh on the skin so do not use it daily. This particular method is recommended to be used every other day. 

Above all for healthy skin we must be drink plenty of water, at least eight to 10 glass each day.

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