In some people, the skin gets dark in different places of their body. Especially where the heat of the sun touches our skin. So when we go into hot sun then our skin starts burning. The sun rays which touches our skin there the skin gets darken. In some people, the dark spots occur on their skin. These kind of skin problems are known as pigmentation problems. 

These kind of pigmentation problems mostly seen in the people who are using the medicines from long time, people who dye their hair regularly, Due to the UV rays this problem will increase more. Instead of taking care after this problem occurs, it is good to take care from  before so that you can avoid such problem. You need to recognise this problem at its early stage so it will be easy to get solution.

Few tips to this pigmentation problem

  1. Have to drink more water. 
  2. Should drink fresh fruit juices and buttermilk as much possible as you can.
  3. Try to have black grapes, watermelon and pomegranate fruits.
  4. Mix little honey to black grapes puree and then apply to your face. Let it be for 20 minutes and then take bath with cold water.
  5. Take little carrot, little cabbage, little oats in a mixer jar and then grind them finely in such a way it forms a paste. Then add milk cream, half spoon honey, 3 spoons lemon juice. Mix them well and apply to your face. After 20 minutes, wash it with warm water. Try to repeat this process regularly then the darkness on your skin will reduce slowly. 
  6. The people who have pigmentation problem, after coming from outside,  wash your face with water and apply keera (cucumber) juice to your face and place the keera round slices on your eyes. You will feel relaxed and your skin cells also relax.

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