The 5 year old son, Rachit is the biggest concern of her mother Shalini. Rachit is just like any other kid of his age who likes to play outside all the time. He never enjoys his home stay and always finds Society Park best as its second home. He never washes his hands properly after coming home from play and always eat with those dirty hands. Shalini tries to convince her daily for the hygiene habits but all goes in vein. The same concern is not only limited to Shalini but also for many other mothers whose kids are not bothered of hygiene. They generally tense their parents due to their wrong hygiene habits. Henceforth, their toys, video games or their shoes everything else contains germs. We do a lot of things to hygienically clean our house which includes use of anti-bio tic soaps, use of phenol to clean the floor or bathrooms and kill germs, anti - insect’s sprays etc. But isn't it necessary to teach your kids the right way to be healthy and hygienic?

Basic Knowledge is Necessary

When your kid was a baby, you used to like his body odor, the way he used to eat bread by crawling on the floor or the way his mouth or lips were smudged with jam. You used to click those moments as you were very pleased of having such stances. But his same activities now, kills you the most and giving him bath after his play is like conquering the whole world to you.

Hygiene not only means to clean and beautify your kid but also to protect him from any kind of diseases. Right hygiene habits are most necessary for the school going kids as germs are scattered from their nose, mouth or hands to anywhere else. Teaching them the hygienic ways helps them to remain fit throughout their life. The body odor becomes worse when they enter their teen age due to many hormonal changes. Due to their more likely oily skin it becomes very necessary to maintain hygiene.

Smile Solution

Make sure to inculcate in them the habit of doing brush daily. If he is just a baby so make sure to clean his teeth softly once in a day without fail. Soft brush with small edge should be used to clean teeth, so that it could reach in the backward areas of mouth which is the basic home for cavities. Growing kids should also be taught to clean their tongue while brushing. Teach them that cleaning tongue will remove unnecessary mouth odor and their friends will feel good while chatting with them. Never let them use Mouthwash for mouth odor as it has a defined age to be used. Mouthwashes should always be used after a certain age and that too on dentist recommendation only.

Helping Hands

Germs have a perfect home in our hands. That’s why everybody in the home must know the value of hand wash. Kids usually eat after sneezing. You should make them learn the fact that they should always wash their hands before taking any eatables, after coming home from anywhere, after using bathroom, after playing with their pets and most importantly after cleaning their nose.


It’s not necessary to always use hand sanitizer or anti - bacterial soap for cleaning their hands. Even warm water and any soap would be enough for it. Make sure to make them dry their hands every time with dry towel or they should use the tissue papers.  They should also be taught to avoid unnecessary biting and scratching their nails or have their fingers in their nose all the time as it’s not only unhygienic but also it’s not the part of good manners.

Care of Hair

It is foremost necessary to comb their hairs every day, as not doing it can leave their scalp dry and undernourished. Combing daily, solves the problem of dead hair generation and also helps in the scalp nourishment. If your kid has a habit to comb his hair daily so there would be no requirement to wash their hairs more than once in a week. You should always use a mild shampoo for head wash. For those having curly hairs requires some more conditioning so to avoid any hair loss. The dry and curly hairs nourishment can be done by oiling them with coconut or almond oil once or twice in a week. More than once head wash is necessary for the kids who have a habit of playing outdoor a lot.

It is also necessary to give them hair cut from time to time. The ideal time for hair cut is after 4 to 6 weeks. Girls need their hair trimmed once in every 3 months to have healthy hair. They should be taught not to share their comb with others as it has right risk of having hair lice problems. Even you should keep a check on their hair if they are not having this issue as well.

Bath Necessity

Most kids dislike taking bath daily. Fear of water, delicate skin can be a few reasons for it. For those and for all, you can change their boring bath to a time for their play. Using different aromatic soaps, bathing toys, tail talkies are some of the methods to make them enjoy taking bath. There should be a fixed time for them to take bath and you should teach how to clean every nook and corner of their body. Cleaning their ears and internal organs are the most important parts of the task. And also they should clean their hands and feet and their face before dinner.

Happy Feet

No body odor is severe before they reach their teenage. This happens because of their hormonal changes. Dirty shoes are the first reason for the odor. Make sure that they should always wear socks with shoes. Proper ventilation is also required in the shoes as dry feet avoid the formation of any kind of bacteria or viruses. You should also teach them not to keep their shoes in drawer directly after wearing it rather they should be first placed in open air so that there would be no odor. Cotton socks are most helpful in avoiding odor. And they should change their socks daily. If after above all, they have the odor problem use any Foot powder for their shoes. Do not let them go anywhere barefooted. And even they should use slippers every time even in their homes, most necessarily when you have pets at home.

Necessary Toys Cleaning

Germs find their place best at his toys first. If you have not given a thought to it, give one, as germs on toys are the house of most common diseases like flu, cold, asthma and many types of allergies. Always try to purchase washable toys only. You should always wash the stuffed toys within 2-3 weeks to avoid the diseases like cold and fever. Stuffed toys should be kept in deep freezer to avoid germ infections. If your kid has an allergy for dust, you should always keep your stuffed toys in cover as they attract the dust very easily. Covered stuffed toys should be kept in deep freezer for 4-5 hours once in a week which in turn would kill all the germs on it. Dettol water can be used to clean their toys.

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