India the land of natural spices and herbs is full of spices that if taken regularly can work wonders. Among the many known herbs, ajwain is one such herb to have numerous benefits for us.

You may know that grandmothers usually take ajwain seeds or carom seeds after having dinner. But the fact is that ajwain is not just restricted to aged grandma or old people. All of us can have ajwain to benefit out of it.

Let us look at each benefit that it provides.

It is highly beneficial to fight indigestion and flatulence. Intake of ajwain after having meals like dinner or lunch can aid in digestion and do away with the signs of indigestion, gas, flatulence, queasiness, uneasiness and so on. It is a common herb that is readily found in Indian household. You can take ajwain, mix it with black salt, lemon juice, and leave this mixture to dry under sunlight and consume daily with water. Another way to consume ajwain is to boil the ajwain seeds in a glass of water and then drain the water and consume it when it is cooled off. This solution immediately helps to fight stomach upset.

Pregnant women can also take ajwain seeds but in limited quantities. It is advisable to take ajwain seeds during pregnancy to better the digestion and fight constipation. Post pregnancy ajwain is said to have healing property. Post pregnancy ajwain aids in the body healing process, improves milk production in lactating mothers and aids blood circulation. 

Ajwain is said to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Ajwain is believed to be beneficial to fight the symptoms of cough and cold. Since, ajwain has anti-inflammatory property, it is said to reduce arthritic pain too. You can either consume ajwain seeds to reduce rheumatic and arthritic pain, make a paste of ajwain seed sand apply it on the affected area to trim down rheumatic and arthritic pain or soak ajwain seeds in a hot water tub and rinse your feet and hands to relieve the pain.

Ajwain is used a home remedy to cure pains and aches such as ear ache. When ajwain seeds are mixed with til oil or sesame oil and crushed garlic, and a few drops are poured in the ears, it relieves ear pain. Ajwain is said to have niacin along with other vitamins, which helps to keep heart ailments at bay. If ajwain be taken with warm water daily on an empty stomach, it will keep you in good health and aid in blood circulation.

Ajwain is a great herb to cure acid reflux and stop hiccups. Since, it improves digestion and aids in flow of gastric juices it also lessens the acid formation in the body. It is advisable to mix jeera or cumin seeds and ajwain or carom seeds in equal quantity, heat it in a glass of water until it becomes half the quantity and drink the water when cooled off. This immediately relieves any symptoms of acidity. It is also useful in alleviating the pain caused due to migraines. 

Though in this article I have highlighted the medicinal uses of ajwain as a herb; it always better to consult a medical practitioner for added guidance.

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